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  2. I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure.
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    I love my skin!


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  8. 1. Do your homework. Fill your brain with knowledge and ask too many questions. Don’t let yourself be ignorant. Learn how stunning and treacherous the world is. Fall in love with places you’ll never be able to see.

    2. You don’t have to kiss someone for them to break your heart. Your best friend of 7 years will tell you she’s sick but you’ll see photos of her smoking cigarettes with boys much older than her. Forgive her but make new friends. Find people that will make you laugh until you feel like orange soda and put you above everything else.

    3. You’re going to kiss a boy and he’s going to melt your insides. Then he’s going to stab you in the heart and his friends will laugh when they watch you bleed out. You’ll catch on fire when you see him in the halls. Cry in the bathroom stall and use the flames to burn the letters that he wrote you.

    4. Stop being mean to other girls. They are not your competition. Her success is not your failure. Stick together. Compliment each other. Do not be afraid to show your strength. Be powerful.

    5. Your mother will tell you that she wishes she never had you. Apologize for ruining her body and find someone that would love to call you theirs. Don’t underestimate how much your teachers care about you. Let the nurture you and help you grow in ways she could never imagine.

    6. Do things that make you feel good. Wear shoes that make your heart soar. Eat food that makes your mind wander. Read books that take you back to being 8 years old at the park down the street. Appreciate happiness.

    7. Do not let him take anything from you without asking. It is okay to say no. Remember that you were beautiful before he told you that you are. You don’t owe him anything. His words seem like stars and galaxies but you will realize that he is a black hole sucking the light from your soul.

    8. Respect yourself and your body but also remember that someone else may have a different definition of that respect. Respect their decisions.

    9. When he tells you that “you aren’t like other girls”, don’t take it as a compliment. He is insulting you. Tell him that the other girls are just as kind and unique and important as you are. Tell him that he cannot put down others in order to bring you up. Teach him to see the beauty in everyone.

    10. Spend time alone. See your favorite band live. Go to the library. Have baths. Enjoy your own splendid company. Love yourself so fully and deeply that the ocean in envious. Believe that the stars are shining for you. Find beauty in yourself that is deeper than your skin. Love with your full heart

    10 things I wish I knew before high school (from vahvana)
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Tori Spelling


    Tori Spelling

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